Friday, July 15, 2016

Riddle No. 12


Riddle No. 12
To understand better why  not  " Bharat Maata ki jai " , those opposed to it must read Riddle No. 12 " Why did the Brahmins dethrone the Gods and entrhrone the Goddesses ? " We must read again and again authentic writings of Ambedkar at it's need of time to lambast attempts to appropriate him by the RSS.

It's authentic book of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar writings and speeches presented to somebody close to me by somebody who was instrumental in publication of all the volumes of this work. For those friends who don't have this book ,  reproducing  fantastic extracts from Riddle No. 2 .

From introduction of this volume by editors of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Source Material Publication Committee Maharashtra State 

QUOTE " These are the unpublished writings of Dr Ambedkar which were in the custody of the Administrator General and the custodian of Dr. Ambedkar's property......After his death , in 1956 , all the papers including his writings were taken into custody by custodian of the High Court of Delhi. Later , these papers were transferred to the Administrator General of the Government of Maharashtra. Since then five iron trunks containing the unpublished manuscripts of Dr Ambedkar and several other papers were in the custody of the Administrator General.......After the formation of this committee and the appointment of Shri Vasant W .Moon as officer on special duty in 1978 , personally contacted the legal heirs of Dr. Ambedkar to secure the unpublished writings of Dr. Ambedkar and to publish them as material of historical importance. ...all consented to the Government project for publication.....Shri M B Chitnis , who , as a close associate of Dr. Ambedkar , was intimately familiar with the latter's handwriting ....and was Chairman of the editorial board spent a fortninght identifying which of the papers were Dr. Ambedkar's manuscripts...that also contained 26 of " Riddles in Hinduism " UNQUOTE

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